Enthus VPS Putty Spearmint


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 Enthus VPS Putty Sets is an impression material featuring high fluidity and hydrophilicity with high contrast colors. It offers a unique combination of high tear strength and very low contact angle. The putty is a thixotropic material that exhibits minimal increase in viscosity, remaining flowable during working time. As soon as the tray is placed in the mouth Enthus viscosity will increase immediately. Set comes with two scoops, one (300ml) Putty Catalyst Jar, and one (300ml) Putty Base Jar. It is Gluten-Free, made in the USA and comes in Regular and Fast set.

 Avaialbe In:

  • Enthus VPS Putty Regular Set – Spearmint 2 x 300ml Jars & 2 Scoops    SKU: 38-00001
  • Enthus VPS Putty Fast Set – Spearmint 2 x 300ml Jars & 2 Scoops       SKU: 38-00002

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