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Ionite Neutral Fluoride Gels

Ionite Neutral Fluoride Gels

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Ionite Neutral Fluoride Gels is a very reliable thixotropic gel as it flows easily during tray placement and its thick pudding consistency minimizes the risk of ingestion and assures maximum contact with all tooth surfaces. It provides the perfect non-acidic balance allowing patients to tolerate and accept fluoride treatments with comfort.

- Contains 2% Sodium Fluoride ( 0.90% Fluoride Ion).

-Gluten Free

-The neutral PH makes it ideal for patients with cosmetic restorations or intolerance to acidic fluorides.

- It is the only neutral fluoride gel that contains Vitamin E which provides beneficial antioxidant effects and serves as a natural desensitizing agent.

-Contains Xylitol, a well known ingredient for caries prevention.

- A four minute application is required for optimal fluoride uptake.

- Also available in dye-free formulation ideal for patients with allergies to dyes and for patients who have undergone whitening procedures.

- Made in USA

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