Qartz Prophy Cups Dye-Free



Qartz Dye-Free Prophy cups are a unique blend of cleaning and polishing. It maximizes stain removal while minimizing enamel loss. They help maintain an effective fluoride level, strengthening tooth enamel and preventing dental caries. With a true splatter-free paste due to its heavy consistency, it rinses easily. They are Gluten free and contain Xylitol, the ideal ingredient for caries prevention. They come in various flavors and grits and are made in the USA.

Available in:

  • Qartz Cups Cherry Tart Medium Dye Free x 200 MFP: 58-00076
  • Qartz Cups Mint Parfait Medium Dye Free x 200 MFP: 58-00077
  • Qartz Cups Cherry Tart Coarse Dye Free x 200 MFP: 58-00078
  • Qartz Cups Mint Parfait Coarse Dye Free x 200 MFP: 58-00079

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